Become a blogger

Guidelines for CERIS Blog contributors and interactions

CERIS invites guest bloggers to contribute posts. This new initiative will give CERIS affiliates and others working in academic, policy and community settings a forum where they can share their perspectives on topical issues. These perspectives should be informed by research or practice, and be of interest to faculty, students, practitioners and policy makers in international migration and immigration. Submissions with local, national, international and transnational dimensions are welcome.

Length: 250-1000 words.
The posts should be written in clear language that is directed to an informed audience, but that may not be specialized in the particular discussion topic. A clear question/issue should animate the entries. Questions/issues may be relevant to policy at the federal, provincial or municipal level; migration scholarship; and advocacy. A photo and/or graphic (such as a data visualization aid) should be included to enhance the blog entry. We welcome submissions across thematic areas (e.g. citizenship, work, culture, children of immigrants, racialization and incorporation, transnational labour markets, gender and immigration, newcomer health, services and settlement, international comparative research, etc.).

Submissions will be reviewed and then posted to the blog, with comments open. CERIS will approve all comments that do not violate typical posting norms. While we welcome a range of opinions, we insist on informed and civil exchanges. CERIS reserves the right to edit posts, refuse posts, and reject comments.